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BoomTown 50+ is a dynamic new segmentation, targeting and communications system dedicated to 50+ Australians, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Anything but homogenous, the 50+ are cashed-up, defiantly youthful consumers who represent Australia's only growing demographic – a one-time opportunity for marketers.

Diverse in ways that extend well beyond age and location, BoomTown 50+ allows you to get to know them at a much more granular level. The core database of 5.38 million has been distilled into 10 unique segments rich in attitudinal, behavioural and lifestyle data – offering a level of insight & accessibility not seen before on this scale.

A big BOOM is coming, are you ready? Contact us to see how you can add a bit of boom to your business.

Key Features

What makes Boomtown unique?

5.38 Million People

5.38 Million people

High-volume database of the untapped 50+ market – who account for 58% of all discretionary spend in Australia.

10 Unique Segments

10 Unique segments

Unprecedented in it's richness, segmentation is based on home-life, work-life, income, interests, travel, technology and more.


One-to-one communication

Connect direct with qualified contact information including: mail, phone, email and even social media accounts.

Acquisition strategies

Acquisition strategies

Allows you to create new profiled leads for your business and services.

Propensity modelling

Propensity modelling

Focus retention on those with the most potential, cross-sell to those most likely to convert.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Increases the granularity of your existing customer base to enable intense clustering.

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